Set in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, the islands that make up St. Vincent and the Grenadines are just that – the beating heart of Caribbean life. Uncluttered, unspoilt and idyllic, they are the ultimate way to spend a vacation on board the luxury of a superyacht.

There are 32 islands that make up this spectacular archipelago, each as lively and unpretentious as the next. St. Vincent is the quietest of the group, its fishing villages still lining the coast and the farmers working their crops amongst verdant interior landscapes. This eco-friendly hub is a must for the active charterer and has an abundance of sports opportunities available on both land and sea as well as wildlife flourishing in the flora-filled forests. From spotting the rare St. Vincent parrot in the Vermont Valley to exploring the beautiful Botanic Gardens and delving into the history of Ft. Charlotte, there is so much to do on a day ashore here.

The rest of the Grenadines offer a slightly more refined yacht charter vacation experience and have long been appreciated for their excellent sailing conditions. There’s Union Island in the southern Grenadines with its dramatic, mountainous landscape and well-equipped yacht harbour lined with boutiques and restaurants. Then there is the exclusive and secluded cruising grounds of Mustique – a private island dotted with beautiful villas that punctuate the hillside and pristine cobbled streets that line the quaint villages.

The livelier island of Bequia is popular for diving and snorkelling with its Admiralty Bay known as one of the prettiest anchorages in the Caribbean. The boot-shaped island of Canouan meanwhile is a hot spot for charter yachts, accommodating the most discerning travellers with a selection of scenic gold courses and world-class bars and restaurants ashore combined with excellent harbor facilities for visiting superyachts.